$6,564 Drive Away Price

Type: For Sale
Year: 2018
Price: $6,564
Colour: GREEN
Item Condition: Excellent
Stock Number: NA
Hours: 1
Listing Type: New
Serial Number: NA
Warranty: 24 MONTHS

BRAND NEW IMPACT CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM HYDRAULIC BREAKER RANGE AVAILABLE TO SUIT EXCAVATORS FROM 1t TO 55t. EXCELLENT QUALITY ATTACHMENTS MADE IN SOUTH KOREA AND DESIGNED FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS. 24 MONTH MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY WITH ALL ATTACHMENTS. FULL RANGE AVAILABLE INCLUDING WIDE RANGE OF HEAD STOCKS TO SUIT ALL COMMON HITCH DIMENSIONS. WE CAN ALSO ADJUST HEAD STOCKS TO SUIT ANY APPLICATION. ALL MODELS COME WITH 24 MONTH WARRANTY, SPARE CHISEL, HYDRAULIC HOSES, AND TOOL KIT. MODELS FROM 600S UPWARDS COME WITH AUTO GREASING SYSTEMS. FITTING AND COMMISSIONING SERVICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. WIDE RANGE OF USED BREAKERS AVAILABLE FOR HIRE OR RENT-TO-BUY OPTIONS. INQUIRE NOW FOR GREAT DEALS! ATTACHMENT INFORMATION AND PRICING: MODEL 100S; weight: 102kg; Excavator size: 0.8-2t; tool size: 40mm; Price: 5,967 + GST MODEL 200S; weight: 126kg; Excavator size: 1.2-3t; tool size: 45mm; Price: 6,669 + GST MODEL 300S; weight: 165kg; Excavator size: 2.5-4.5t; tool size: 53mm; Price: 8,424 + GST MODEL 400S; weight: 295kg; Excavator size: 4-7t; tool size: 68mm; Price: 10,355 + GST MODEL 430S; weight: 395kg; Excavator size: 6-10t; tool size: 75mm; Price: 12,636 + GST MODEL 450S; weight: 571kg; Excavator size: 9-14t; tool size: 85mm; Price: 15,552 + GST MODEL 500S; weight: 861kg; Excavator size: 11-16t; tool size: 100mm; Price: 19,360 + GST MODEL 600S; weight: 1296kg; Excavator size: 15-18t; tool size: 125mm; Price: 24,840 + GST MODEL 700S; weight: 1500kg; Excavator size: 18-25t; tool size: 135mm; Price: 31,982 + GST MODEL 800S; weight: 1825kg; Excavator size: 25-35t; tool size: 140mm; Price: 37,260 + GST MODEL 1000S; weight: 2145kg; Excavator size: 32-38t; tool size: 150mm; Price: 40,365 + GST MODEL 1200S; weight: 2745kg; Excavator size: 38-42t; tool size: 155mm; Price: 42,849 + GST MODEL 1300S; weight: 3045kg; Excavator size: 40-48t; tool size: 155mm; Price: 47,196 + GST MODEL 1500S; weight: 4155kg; Excavator size: 45-55t; tool size: 175mm; Price: 78,120 + GST